Agent FAQ's

Will I have broker support?

Absolutely!  Business happens outside of normal business hours, so all of our brokers are available by phone, text, and email 7 days a week. You’re not just supported by one broker, you’re supported by a full team.  We’re dedicated to supporting you and promoting your success; our brokers and agent support staff is the foundation of exactly that.

Can I negotiate commissions and fees with my clients?

Absolutely. Today’s market has become increasingly competitive, and you’re free to negotiate the commissions, fees, and levels of service to win over a client. No more having to tell them, “I’ll need to check with my Broker on that.”

What type of technology and systems do you provide?

We understand that the most important tool for agents is systems and technology. HomeSmart provides some of the top technology and systems in the industry on our All-in-one platform Real Smart Agent(RSA). The RSA gives you:

  • Agent Website
  • Free CRM
  • Free Marketing Templates
  • Transaction Management
  • Training 
  • Built in E-Signature (Coming Soon)

Our RSA is on the same level as the big brokers and we have been told it is also much easier to use. We make our systems easy to use so that you 

Do you provide signs and other marketing material?

We sure do. Not only can you use our Marketing Design Center(MDC) to order business cards, postcards, coffee mugs, pens, t-shirts, we have partnered with Oakley Signs that discounts their signs from $100 per sign to $30-$45!

If you like to design your own marketing material, you can do that as well! Our MDC has the templates for flyers, brouchers, listing presentations and even images for social media. Don't worry, its EASY to use!

Do you have training?

What seperates us from our competitors is our training! We are dedicated to providing training in person and through zoom that actually benefits the agents. 

We believe that in order to grow your buisness, its helpful to hear what other agents are doing. This is why many of our trainings are ran by our Top Agents to give you insights of what they are doing to get clients.

For new agents we have introduced our New Agent Mentor program that partners newly licensed agents with a mentor to help you on your first 2 transactions. 

How do I receive my commissions?

HomeSmart pays commissions via ACH the within 24-48 hours. No more waiting. Once you get your commission check you can deposit it directly into our bank account!

Am I provided with an office?

Yes! We understand that most agents work from home these days but being 100% virtual is hard for agents. We have offices in Orland Park, Naperville that agents have access to 24/7. All our offices have work stations, printers, and even free confrence rooms to meet with clients.

Are there any franchise fees?

Nope. No hidden franchise fees with us! You pay $39 a month with no yearly fees!

Do you have an agent referral program?

Yep! For every agent you sign up, HomeSmart gives you a $150 Amazon gift card!

Are you a HUD Certified Broker?

We sure are. You can sell all the HUD properties you’d like.

How do I join HomeSmart First Advantage Realty?

It’s easy. Just fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly to walk you through the process. We can have agents transferred over, and up and running, usually within just one business day.